Products & services

The products and services we offer are for application in the Power Electrical industry as well as the management of Supply Chain and delivery functions between the OEM and site.

Scope: The Design, Supply, Installation, and Support Services of Electrical & Mechanical   Plant Auxiliaries in Power Generation.

  • Power Transformers & Power Generator & Auxiliaries Solutions
    • Installation & Distribution Transformers; from brand new to refurbishments
    • Transformer and Generator On–Line Condition Monitoring
    • Transformer diagnostics
    • On-line Transformers Generator Condition Monitoring & Drying Solutions
      • Drying Solutions
        • Supply & Installation of Drying equipment
        • Drying equipment maintenance
      • Transformer maintenance
      • Predictive maintenance
  • Nitrogen & Hydrogen Generation Solutions
    • Supply & Installation of N2/H2 Generating systems
    • H2/N2 Condition Monitoring
    • H2/N2 Generating systems diagnostics
    • H2/N2 Generating maintenance & support
    • Predictive maintenance
  • Generator Rotor Repairs
    • Supply of air-flux probes
    • Data Acquisition & Analysis Systems
    • Predictive maintenance

Other Services

  • Supply & Installation of Electrical motors; from brand new to refurbishments
  • Switchgear
  • Asset Management and Life Cycle Management
  • Consulting, tender evaluation, contract management and project management services
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Asset recovery, -refurbishment and Disposals
  • RFID Solutions and applications in Warehousing and Inventory Management 
Scope of Nugen Technologies Strategic View
Design Commissioning Supply Chain management
Refurbishment Testing & Inspections Logistics Management
Repairs Sales & Marketing Performance Monitoring
Minor Installations Analysis & Audits Condition Monitoring
Major Installations Asset Management Component & Equipment Supply
Preventative maintenance service Insurance & liability services Failure Mode detection & investigations


Shadrack Sibiya

Position: Operations Director

Fellow friend and partner of Karl Smith, Shadrack Sibiya boasts more than 30 years of experience within the entire spectrum of Construction, specialising in Electrical Engineering.

Shadrack is an essential part of the organisation, inspiring & ensuring accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency in all of the Nugens’ works. Shadrack is a profound leader, able to be the frontrunner in all aspects of any and all projects. He is characterised as peaceful and humble, yet fierce in his approach executing and completing projects.

Karl Smith

Position: Managing Director

Karl is the co-founder of Nugen Technologies, he has over 15 years of transformer refurbishment and installation experience within the Rotek and Electrical Power Engineering industry as well as the establishment of successful SMME repair facilities across the country. In addition Mr Smith has established successful companies that provide Transformer and Generator monitoring solutions, products and services within this market.

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