Meet the team

The Organisational Culture

Nugen employees are unbelievable people from different backgrounds that have inherited Mr Karl’s Smith Will to do and perform the unimaginable and improbable, they have also inherited the Will of Mr Shadrack Sibiya to be persistent and achieve the intended results the first time with little to no defects.

Were a team first and foremost that works together satisfying the customer

Nugen employees always put the interest of the company first, like all people, full of emotion and opinions; these are often set apart in order to complete complicated and new tasks that require an intense amount of team collaboration and co-operation.

Never Give Up

Nugen employees have adopted an attitude that has long possessed the walls, records, and fundamental essence of the Companies origins. This very culture of synthesising the nothingness of the world into an executed and completed project is the heart of the Company. Many examples and stories can be told of instances when it was not possible, not probable but somehow it happened.


Shadrack Sibiya

Position: Operations Director

Fellow friend and partner of Karl Smith, Shadrack Sibiya boasts more than 30 years of experience within the entire spectrum of Construction, specialising in Electrical Engineering.

Shadrack is an essential part of the organisation, inspiring & ensuring accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency in all of the Nugens’ works. Shadrack is a profound leader, able to be the frontrunner in all aspects of any and all projects. He is characterised as peaceful and humble, yet fierce in his approach executing and completing projects.

Karl Smith

Position: Managing Director

Karl is the co-founder of Nugen Technologies, he has over 15 years of transformer refurbishment and installation experience within the Rotek and Electrical Power Engineering industry as well as the establishment of successful SMME repair facilities across the country. In addition Mr Smith has established successful companies that provide Transformer and Generator monitoring solutions, products and services within this market.