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2017 August 18th Posted

Corporate Social Investment – Nugen Technologies (Nelson Mandela Day)

Nugen Technologies together with Eskom have dedicated themselves to the future development & growth of South Africa. It is the Policy of Nugen Technologies through their Corporate Social Investment Strategy, implemented by Mr. Karl Smith & Shadrack Sibiya, to dedicate funds and resources to the upliftment, growth and education of the previously disadvantaged and impoverished communities. “We are proud as Nugen Technologies to continually seek out ventures and social responsibilities to reach our goal of a better South Africa for all” – Karl Smith. Nugen has been graced to provide their assistance to Bronkhorstspruit Hospital on the 18th of July 2017.

(Nugen Team – Sphumelele Sbiya, Andile Shozi, Charlene Doria; Middle, Tsholofelo Moloantoa, & Nomathemba Mncwabe – from left to right)


Nelson Mandela – Giving Back Matters

A wise man once said “It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela”

Nugen Technologies; a brave team of 5, ventured to change and enhance the lives of the Bronkhorstspruit Hospital Patients & children. A venture that saw the Nugen Team successfully donate and distribute 2 Television sets, 2 DVD Players & over 50 DVD disks compromised of education children content, some Disney Classics, & some of the latest children entertainment films. Nugen Technologies has enthusiastically targeted the heart of every child, re-investing into their education with various topics of reading books and educational content, fun filled colouring in books & loads of stationary to make the experience even more special.


Eskom’s Donation, with Kanya Kutu

“Authenticity is one of the key features of love” – Unknown

Nugen Technologies (Nugen) is genuinely dedicated to the sustainable growth of impoverished communities, Nugen joined forces with Eskom; Nugen’s Client to support a donation of R 60 000; equally divided between Kids Care Support Trust & Umsawethu Community Development Fund. Nugen are currently building Kusile Power Station first Nitrogen Plant, Nugen was blessed to have the support of the Lead Eskom Project Manager;  Kanya Kutu.


(1st Image of Donation to the Umsawethu Community Development Project & the 2nd of the Kids Care Support Trust – from left to right)

The Community

Being human is having the ability to feel something, the corporate world might be driven by money and time, however, at it’s heart are people; the source of generosity and  sympathy. Nugen Technologies would like to thank the hospital, the nurses, doctors together with the support staff for giving Nugen & Eskom the opportunity to make a generous difference. The difference is often in the feeling we leave.

Memorable moments – The Nugen team walked into the children’s ward, and then started to present the children with their gifts. What was once a glum and and gloomy environment transformed to sheer bliss and excitement. The kids gleamed with white smiles and giggling pleasure, the mood shifted into what was once glum into delight.

Nugen left the children invigorated and refreshed, Nugen Technologies changed those kids reality and mentality, thanks to generosity and sympathy.



Donations & Gifts

Nugen would like to present you the opportunity to make a further difference & contribution to the Bronkhorstspruit Hospital and children.

Please take your time and go visit them at;

1 Barney Hurwitz Avenue, Riamarpark, Bronkhorstspruit, 1020

013 935 1275



Shadrack Sibiya

Position: Operations Director

Fellow friend and partner of Karl Smith, Shadrack Sibiya boasts more than 30 years of experience within the entire spectrum of Construction, specialising in Electrical Engineering.

Shadrack is an essential part of the organisation, inspiring & ensuring accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency in all of the Nugens’ works. Shadrack is a profound leader, able to be the frontrunner in all aspects of any and all projects. He is characterised as peaceful and humble, yet fierce in his approach executing and completing projects.

Karl Smith

Position: Managing Director

Karl is the co-founder of Nugen Technologies, he has over 15 years of transformer refurbishment and installation experience within the Rotek and Electrical Power Engineering industry as well as the establishment of successful SMME repair facilities across the country. In addition Mr Smith has established successful companies that provide Transformer and Generator monitoring solutions, products and services within this market.