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  • Increases life expectancy of Transformers
  • Easy Transformer maintenance without outage – no shutdown, no transport
  • Cost effective solution
  • Drying Transformer continuously during operation
  • Effective to dry Power Transformers
  • Moisture PPM monitoring available
  • Stand-Alone unit, only low-voltage power supply requested


TRANSEC is a system to dry Power Transformers of all sizes. The Problem of wet Transformer is already well known. Due to moisture and oxygen, the insulation paper within the Transformer degenerates. One of the products of this chemical process is H O. While only a small part 2 of the moisture is absorbed by the Transformer oil, more than 95% of the moisture becomes diffused in the tons of insulation paper. Depending on the percentage of moisture, the aging of the Transformer increases and failures such as flashovers between the windings, treeing, and creeping discharges occur. Temperature changes of the oil during the operation even increase the risk of an outage.

Once the oil in the Transformer gets dried by TRANSEC, it dehumidifies the insulation paper and returns back again to the unit. Using this cycle effect, TRANSEC keep the insulation paper permanently dry, ensure a faultless operation and elongates the life expectancy of the Transformer significantly. Comparing to other solutions, the Transformer can be dried during its operation. There is no need to transport or switch it off.